Why I make corsets

Corset making is a separate discipline in my work. It's a highly complex technique, combining the history of corsetry with contemporary techniques. There are a great many corset makers in the world, and the range is vast. It ranges from basic, modestly priced corsets made in confection, to talented designers who create exceptional pieces, to creators who specialize in historical corsets.

Faced with this multitude of proposals, I hesitated for a long time to show my corsetry work. On the one hand, I didn't see the point of adding more creations to this profusion of offerings, and on the other, the financial aspect of a corset for a self-employed designer seemed to me an unviable solution for making a living from corsetry. In parallel with this reflection, I've always had a real passion for corsets.

So I made corsets on my own, as a discipline, a guilty pleasure for this constraining garment, I made corsets solely for the pleasure of the object. As a result, I had no limits, neither financial, nor in shape, nor constraint to imagine them, except my own.

And then, and then... As the years went by, I finally decided that I too had something to offer with the corset. But when it came to proposing corsets, I was going to be true to myself. That's why I prefer made-to-measure corsets to custom-made ones. This allows me to stay as close as possible to a unique and exceptional object.

An object that I'll build with my customer, that we'll imagine together. We'll walk this path together, and it will be an integral part of the finished corset. This process of reflection can take time, months or years, or it can be quick, depending on the need and its final purpose, and the character of each individual. For me, making a corset is an adventure, not a business relationship. Each object that comes out of my hands is like a child, and carries with it the dream we shared together to make it a reality.

You'll have understood that if you want a corset that's quick and looks like another corset you've seen over and over again, I'm not the right person to answer your request. I only make corsets for the love and pleasure of discipline. I only accept orders if we get on well with the client and if I like the project. Indeed, a made-to-measure order is often a bit like a couple's affair: from the outset, you have to get along and share the same convictions, otherwise it can turn into a disaster 😉

Over the years, I've come to specialize in corsetry lingerie, but I can also meet any custom request. I do the same for any unique order, whether it's lingerie, nightwear, BDSM mistress wear, sissy, theater costume (my original profession), evening gown, wedding gown, burlesque costume, acrobat outfit, horsewoman, fortune teller, princess, mermaid, pirate, unicorn.....

If you would like to have one or more pieces created by me, the only solution is to write to me and tell me about your project. I'll do my best to respond to your request.

Modelle Dolly Page Photo Etienne Clotis

Obviously, if you've made it this far, you'll be wondering what my prices are. Prices depend totally on what you want, the shape, the materials, the finishes....

I can still give you a starting price. For a basic waist cincher in plain coutils with 1 to 2 complete fittings 800€.
For a basic corset in plain coutils 1100€ with 1 to 2 fittings. These prices always include one or two fittings.

In response to your first contact, I usually give you a price quote. If you like it, we can work together to define more precisely what you want, after which I'll send you a drawing of the project and a precise estimate. If you agree with the estimate, payment is made in 3 instalments: a first instalment as acceptance of the estimate, a second instalment at the first fitting and the third instalment on delivery.

I think I've more or less answered all your questions about my corsets and other specific requests.

Thanks for reading this far,

Maybe see you soon in my mailbox,

Your humble corsetière,